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VisioGUARD Enterprise
Video Server


Visio-SERVER is part of VisioGUARD Enterprise. This is an enterprise level distributed video server allowing to combine analog CCTV (video server) and IP cameras (IP server) - the truly hybrid system – to leverage your existing CCTV cameras and infrastructure while migrating to IP cameras.

Visio-SERVER is the combination of multi-tiers, plug & play, object oriented, event based, scalability and open architecture.

Scheduler and task manager

Visio-SERVER includes scheduler and task manager. This is a combinations of scheduler (time), event trigger (conditions) and actions (resulting action).
For instance, a task could be set up such that when an video intrusion is detected on a camera at the back door (using VS-Intrusion) or a door is opened during (using Visio-CONTROLLER) the time from 12 midnight to 6 AM, move the PTZ camera to a preset position (zooming on back door), increase the recording frames per second and send an email to the security chief.

Event Triggers :

  • Video events
  1. Video analytics(VisioSHARP)
    • Intrusion detection
    • Fallen person detection
    • Unattended object detection
    • Object removal detection
    • People/Vehicle Tracking
  2. Video motions
  3. Blue screen (camera disconnected)
  1. User Input
  2. Application message


  1. Start / Stop Event based recording
  2. Chang recording rate
  1. Active / Inactive Hardware IO
  • PTZ command action
  • Viewing layout action
  1. Change viewing layout
  2. Switch the live camera (pop up)
  • Send an email (with/without attachment  clip/picture)
  • Sound buzz
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