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Command & Control System

Visio-CONTROLLER is a distributed command & control system allowing to remotely monitor and control devices (lockp the door, close the gate, etc) or trigger some automatic action like send a mail, etc. It can integrate different kind of devices and provides a unified topography for all elements of security system.  Therefore it allows more rapid response to potential threats. It can interface with security and sensing devices such as gate control, fence intrusion detector, RFID, I/O and camera, control access, etc.


Visio-CONTROLLER can receive events from the devices but also send command to them.  For instance, it can lock all the doors during a video intrusion detection (using camera) or redirect automatically a PTZ camera to the specific area where the fence sensor detecting a hardware intrusion detection (using device sensor). 


Thanks to its alarm handler, event based architecture, and real-time automatic action triggering mechanism, and messaging server, Visio-CONTROLLER provides a unique framework for proactive security system.


Thanks to Intelligent Collaborative Technology (ICT) Visio-CONTROLLER can collaborate seamlessly with all others IVISIOTECH’s application such VisioSHARP, Visio-RECORDER, etc.


Visio-CONTROLLER has been specifically designed to allow easy integration of third party equipment and provides easy to setup rule-based model.

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