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Video Analytics


VisioSHARP is a set of intelligent video analytics plug-ins which can be added to VisioGUARD Advanced and Enterprise products. It uses the latest state of the art technology in fields of pattern recognition, object detection and behavioral analysis.

VisioSHARP allows to detect various events in the scene and improve the efficiently of video surveillance.

This is a new paradigm for security protection: digital guard that never blinks.

The system can automatically detects, analyzes and classifies the behaviors of people and objects as they move through a scene to provide real-time alarms and search tags.

When an alarm is triggered, an on-screen box appears around the suspicious object or person - making it immediately obvious what has caused the alert situation. It lets security staff focus on deterring and managing threats, rather than watching banks of monitors trying to detect events of importance.
This is much more powerful than video motion detection and facilitates the system to identify threats more clearly and faster. It analyzes video in real time and alerts the suspicious events such as: intrusion detection, abandoned object, object removal, fallen person, counting object, and tracking object.

VisioSHARP ensures that video surveillance systems become smarter, more accurate, and more cost-effective. In summary, it:

  • Automatically analyzes and index video surveillance  in real-time
  • Detects  suspicious activities
  • Initiates appropriate actions such as video recording, alarms,  or other actions (command & control actions)
  • Alerts operators or field personnel
  • Enables users to be proactive – preventing crime rather than reacting or analyzing after the fact

Minimizes nuisance and false alarms

Using the state of the art Video Analytics Technology, VisioSHARP allows to suppress the false alarm due to environmental factors such as rain, snow, shadows, reflections, flying birds, and waving trees.  It can distinguish between moving people, car and safe background conditions, such as blowing trees or splashing fountains.
It works in both indoor (relatively static environmental condition) and outdoor (changing environmental condition).

It significantly reduces false alarms by suppressing environmental triggers such as rain, snow, shadows, reflections, flying birds, and waving trees. The above movie shows how IVISIOTECH's Adaptive Background Modeling Technology can manage the outdoor changes without any false alarm versus those generated by competitors. This is much more powerful than video motion detection and facilitates  the system to identify threats more clearly and faster.


  • Airport safety
  • Building and facility surveillance
  • Access control
  • Intruder alerts when there is individuals or vehicles intrusion in the restricted areas, gates, etc
  • Restricted or sensible area surveillance
  • Sterile zone monitoring (e.g. within a perimeter fence)
  • Vandalism
  • Left luggage detectionAnti-terrorism
  • Graffiti and vandalism in public buildings
  • Parking violations
  • Illegal parking detection
  • Traffic management
  • Congestion detection
  • Theft detection
  • Office surveillance
  • The occupancy rate of a building ( Entrance/ Exit)
  • The number of visitors during an event
  • Shopping behavior analysis: customer pattern analysis
  • Peoples & Car counting
  • Footfall monitoring
  • Rostering, marketing
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • Transport passenger volume analysis
  • Retail analysis
  • Queue/traffic analysis
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