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Public Surveillance

9/11 and recent London bombings events have created a significant paradigm shift regarding security technology. Security has now become a much broader issue and turn into to be the first priority for all governmental organizations and commercial businesses. In addition, with the bombing suspects identified through closed circuit televisions (CCTV) - video surveillance has emerged as a key security technologt.

End users are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of video surveillance, but most of the today’s products don't match their real needs. They are very expensive in term of human intervention, and deficient in term of intelligence and accuracy. Beside they need a lot of storage and each investigation takes a lot of times.


Today’s video surveillance market desires an intelligent solution which can proactively monitor the environment and detect unusual and suspicious behaviors and perform the proper response in real-time fashion.

The challenges are great. Effective surveillance in government buildings, offices, retail sites, financial institutions, airports, bridges, nuclear power plants, hotels, hospitals, schools, parking lots and homes require functionality that far exceeds DVR-based systems.

Going forward, today’s video surveillance solutions must provide the following capabilities; Intelligence, Proactivity and Reactivity.


Intelligent video detection can significantly improve the ability of events detection that might otherwise go undetected. Proactivity enhances the ability of prevention of crime before it happens by highlights potential threats in real-time. Reactivity provides appropriate tools for immediate reaction to avoid negative consequences and also enables fast investigation.


In order to have a peaceful spirit, IVISIOTECH provides a new generation video surveillance software: intelligent proactive & reactive video surveillance system offering an optimal protection.


IVISIOTECH provides a complete solution including distributed video management, searchable video recorder (VisioGUARD), advanced video analytics (VisioSHARP), video facial biometric authentification (VisioFACE).

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