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Counting Object


Object counter

VS-Counter plug-in is an advanced video analytic that automatically detects and counts various object types (humans, vehicles, animals, etc.) from overhead camera, crossing a virtual line.
It can handle an unlimited number of objects moving in any direction.

VS-Counter provides important information and statistics for facility manager.

It is suitable for shopping centres, galleries, banks, nightclubs, libraries, retail outlets and so to record the number of people entering and leaving their premises.



  • Building  and energy management: automated crowd evaluation
  • Retail, galleries,  and shopping centers: automated evaluation of waiting lines
  • Transportation: automatic crowd density
  • Airport safety
  • The occupancy rate of a building ( Entrance/ Exit)
  • The number of visitors during an event
  • Shopping behavior  analysis: customer pattern analysis
  • Car counting
  • Access control
  • Congestion detection
  • Peoples & traffic management
  • Footfall monitoring
  • Rostering, marketing
  • Behaviour monitoring
  • Transport passenger volume analysis
  • Queue/traffic analysis


  • Directional counting gives users the ability to count people entering and exiting
  • Accurate indoor and outdoor applications
  • Powerful custom reports to enable statistical analysis of people traffic
  • High performance software that minimizes the need for excessive PC hardware
  • Powerful onsite or remote configuration capabilities

Minimizes nuisance and false alarms


Using the state of the art Video Analytics Technology, VS-Counter allows to suppress the false alarm due to environmental factors such as rain, snow, shadows, reflections, flying birds, and waving trees.  It can distinguish between moving people, car and safe background conditions, such as blowing trees or splashing fountains.


Indoor and Outdoor


All VisioSHARP plug-ins are built based on IVISIOTECH’s Visio Adaptive Object Tracking Technology (VAOTT). VAOTT provides an outstanding object tracking module working in both indoor and outdoor environment. It can automatically update the background of the scene and adjust dynamically the scene changes

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