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Video Managemenet



IVISIOTECH offers a complete range of video management  software products, ranging from smaller installations to very large, from one to thousands of cameras: VisioGUARD.


VisioGUARD represents a new generation of video management system which covers all aspects of the security and video surveillance under the same umbrella.


Thanks to its flexible architecture and its plug & play capability, it can include all kind of video and data pattern recognition such as video analytics, signal processing, video enhancement filters, License Plate Recognition, Facial Biometric, etc.


The video and data flow can be process and analyze in real-time, with many automated functions. Several plug-ins and filters can be configured and set to trigger alarms or perform a variety of actions.


Another key value of VisioGUARD lies in its ability to monitor vast quantities of video and devices.


VisioGuard includes an event-centric Central Management System (CMS) allowing to monitor, control, and manage all cameras and controlled devices.


The transition from an analog (traditional) video surveillance to VisioGUARD is very easy and quick. We can use existing cameras (CCTV & IP) and all current VCR, DVR, or NVR could be easily replaced by IVISIOTECH's video management  system.


IVISIOTECH provides the following variations of VisioGUARD:


VisioGuard Enpterprise

Multi-server management, Unlimited cameras

VisioGuard Advanced

Single-server management, up to 64 cameras


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