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VisioGUARD Express


VisioGUARD Express is an entry level Network (IP) or Analog(CCTV) video surveillance system featuring support for 4 cameras with up to 120 FPS recording. It run on your current desktop and connects to your existing cameras, allowing you to view live or recorded video from anywhere.

VisioGUARD Express allows you to view live and recorded video from IP or Analog cameras using the Monitor Station and on the internet using our Web Client.

VisioGUARD Express supports many Network (IP) cameras from major manufacturers, Network (IP) Video servers, as well as any DirectShow compatible devices such as multichannel videograbbers, USB cameras, and camcorders.

VisioGUARD uses IVISIOTECH's ISVM technology (Intelligent Scalable Video Multicast) to optimize the network bandwidth allowing to adjust dynamically the video compression rate based on the client video quality requirement.

The package includes Video Server, Monitor Station, Web Client, and Service Manager.

Digital recording is saved directly onto the hard drive(s) of the PC. This is an excellent solution for a simple surveillance.



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