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Intrusion Detection


Intrusion detection

VS-Intrusion plug-in detects instantly an intrusion in a controlled area and raises an alarm.

VS-Intrusion could work in two modes


Zone intrusion mode

It raises an alarm when a movement occurs in the controlled area.

Ideal for detecting trespassers,entry into hazard areas, entry into unoccupied areas (vandalism), climbing.

Virtual tripwire mode

It raises an alarm when a demarcation lines of separation are breached.

This mode raise an alarm only and only when the lines are crossed and ignores all others movements in parallel to demarcation lines.

This is quick and easy module to set up within the field of view of the camera, usually along a perimeter or an area where objects should not cross. Multiple tripwires can be set if required. Direction arrows are added to ensure movement is detected in the direction of the arrows set.

Ideal for railway track, freeway hard shoulder, building perimeter, fence, access control point.

A virtual tripwire can also be placed on the entrance into a building or parking lot to review how many people or vehicles enter it.

We can also specify the crossover or movement in one direction. For instance, we can detect wrong way.



  • Access control
  • Intruder alerts when there is individuals or vehicles intrusion in the restricted areas, gates, etc
  • Restricted or sensible area surveillance
  • Sterile zone monitoring (e.g. within a perimeter fence)
  • Vandalism
  • Airport safety
  • Building and facility surveillance


  • Protects lives & critical infrastructure
  • Achieves security objectives with less staff
  • Improves surveillance effectiveness
  • Enables informed, proactive decisions
  • Minimizes nuisance alarms

Minimizes nuisance and false alarms


Using the state of the art Video Analytics Technology, VS-Intrusion allows to suppress the false alarm due to environmental factors such as rain, snow, shadows, reflections, flying birds, and waving trees.  It can distinguish between moving people, car and safe background conditions, such as blowing trees or splashing fountains.


Indoor and Outdoor


All VisioSHARP plug-ins are built based on IVISIOTECH’s Visio Adaptive Object Tracking Technology (VAOTT). VAOTT provides an outstanding object tracking module working in both indoor and outdoor environment. It can automatically update the background of the scene and adjust dynamically the scene changes

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