The key to your security

Abandoned Object


Unattended object detection

VS-Stationary plug-in generate an alarm when an item (package or baggage) is deposited and has been left behind in a controlled area (such as an airport or railway station), this feature is a key component in the timely management of dangerous situations. This functionality can also be used to detect illegal parking, or vehicles staying too long in certain zones, etc.

The user can configure the size range of objects to be detected and the time for which an object has to be stationary in order to raise an alert.



  • Airport safety
  • Building and facility surveillance
  • Restricted or sensible area surveillance
  • Left luggage detectionAnti-terrorism
  • Graffiti and vandalism in public buildings
  • Parking violations
  • Illegal parking detection
  • Traffic management
  • Congestion detection


  • Protects lives & critical infrastructure
  • Achieves security objectives with less staff
  • Improves surveillance effectiveness
  • Enables informed, proactive decisions
  • Minimizes nuisance alarms

Minimizes nuisance and false alarms


Using the state of the art Video Analytics Technology, VS-Stationary allows to suppress the false alarm due to environmental factors such as rain, snow, shadows, reflections, flying birds, and waving trees.  It can distinguish between moving people, car and safe background conditions, such as blowing trees or splashing fountains.


Indoor and Outdoor


All VisioSHARP plug-ins are built based on IVISIOTECH’s Visio Adaptive Object Tracking Technology (VAOTT). VAOTT provides an outstanding object tracking module working in both indoor and outdoor environment. It can automatically update the background of the scene and adjust dynamically the scene changes

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