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VisioGUARD Enterprise
Video Streamer Server



Visio-STREAMER is part of VisioGUARD Enterprise. This is an enterprise level distributed video streaming server allowing to stream all files recorded with Visio-RECORDER. Visio-STREAMER can stream both MPEG-4 and MJPEG files.


Key features of Visio-STREAMER:

  • Distributed & Scalable Architecture:

    • One or several streamer servers
  • Random access to movie based on
    • Alarm
    • Even
    • Time
    • Camera
  • Multi-Viewing Streaming
    • Each playback view can have up to 9 synchronized video movie source
    • Customized views
    • Virtual Video group (matrix)
  • Playback reviewing mode
    • Timeline
    • Quick Search
    • Instant Playback
      • Direct reviewing of the movie through search criteria
      • Transparent Access to Recorded Movie
    • Thumbnail Browse
    • Index Search
      • All Alarms/Event are linked directly to specific Recorded Movie and specific time
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