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Video Surveillance

IVISIOTECH offers a comprehensive range of complete video surveillance, DVR-NVR(Hybrid NDVR), and video manager solutions from one to thousands of cameras: VisioGUARD.


VisioGUARD represents a new generation of video surveillance system which covers all aspects of the security and video surveillance under the same umbrella.  

Thanks to its flexible architecture and its plug&play capability, it can include all kind of video and data pattern recognition such as  video analytics, signal processing, video enhancement filters, License Plate Recognition, Parking Space Counting, etc.

The video and data flow can be process and analyze in real-time, with many automated functions. Several plug-ins and filters can be configured and set to trigger alarms or perform a variety of actions.


Another key value of VisioGUARD lies in its ability to monitor vast quantities of video and devices.

The transition from an analog (traditional) video surveillance to IVISIOTECH's Video Surveillance is very easy and quick. We can use existing cameras (CCTV & IP) and all current multiplexer and VCR could be easily replaced by IVISIOTECH's video surveillance solution.


Total cost of ownership is lower for a digital vs. analog system when considering acquisition, maintenance, repair, and ongoing manual labor expense.

IVISIOTECH provides the following variations of VisioGUARD:




High quality and hybrid recording


VisioGUARD allows recording both analog and IP camera at the same time. It support both MJPEG and MP4 video format.

Fast and easy to investigate (retrieval of stored video)

Thanks to advanced search and alarms and events management, operator can instantly retrieve all pictures or videos of any alarm or event for each camera.


Central Management System Capability


VisioMANAGER represents a new generation of Central Management System which allows to monitor, control, and manage all cameras and control all remote devices.


Hybrid Monitoring


VisioGUARD allows to manage, monitor and control both the video and data flow (device data).

Light Monitoring System


VisioGUARD provides also a light Monitoring System which allows only the viewing feature.


Powerful Map Browser


VisioGUARD has a powerful map browser which can show the position of all devices and cameras on the map. It can import JPEG or vector map (emf format) from CAD software like Microsoft Office Visio. In addition it provides live view of the camera on the map.


Distributed architecture


It allows for the deployment of fully networked and distributed digital video security architecture. This means that video streams encoded from the cameras are accessible at any networked location for processing, including video content analysis.


Digital Integration
The digital video can be easily repurposed and integrated into other technologies.


Unlimited cameras


User friendly interface and easy to maintain


It requires little or no training because of the easy to use Windows interface navigation tree.


Upgradeable software


High performance


Achieved by utilizing powerful multi-threaded technology.


Easy to deploy


Taking advantage of plug & play technology, it's been designed to be easy to install, to configure, and to use the new plug-ins.


Leverage existing security resources to improve safety and security


The system is designed to work with a broad range security systems, both analog and digital. This enables budget managers to focus new investments on incremental improvements, and to choose the best-in-breed security systems from different vendors.


Minimize ongoing integration and maintenance costs


The system is built with open architecture and standards-based protocols. This offers broad-based support of many different security environments.


Maximize the return on your investment (ROI)


Proactive security system increasing the efficiency of your staff.


Future-proof your investment


It's designed to easily scale from a single surveillance station with local monitoring to as a multi-camera, multi-site operation with remote monitoring.


Cost savings and quick return on investment


The scalability, customization and integration allow an organization to maximize the surveillance capability.


Automatic alarm triggering

Each video alarm will be able to instantaneously initiate an action such as video recording, PTZ camera activation, relay output activation, etc

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