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Security Overview


Security Overview

Recent world events have created a significant paradigm shift in security, surveillance and monitoring. Security has now become a much broader issue and turn into to be the first priority for all governmental organizations and commercial businesses.
Growing demands for heightened security are motivating government agencies, facilities managers and businesses to re-evaluate their security surveillance capabilities.
Today’s security requires real-time response to threats, and surveillance is not considered as deterrent or as a forensic tool anymore. The security systems should proactively monitor the environment and perform the proper response to unusual and suspicious events and behaviors in a real-time fashion.

To defend against today's fearful attacks, government and businesses need more than a "static", traditional video surveillance system. They need a system that can proactively respond to all forms of security violation: they need Proactive Security System.


IVISIOTECH’s Visio-PROACTIVE solution provides a powerful infrastructure for a proactive security system combining following applications:

  • VisioGUARD: An event-centric Distributed Video Surveillance application which combines distributed video surveillance and event driven architecture (alarm management) together. It relies on the collaboration between the surveillance system and the event detection that would help the system acquire the necessary context for surveillance. This requires a distributed video streaming system between camera points, sensors, storage databases, processing units and administrative client side.
  • VisioSHARP: A set of Intelligent Video Analytics plug-ins which can be added to VisioGUARD Advanced and VisioGUARD Enterprise products. It provides high level pattern recognition and image processing algorithms which enables the proactive system to detect various events/alarms and track objects in the scene and between cameras. These are the building blocks of an automated system which by using the logic defined by the application and customized by the consumer can generate alarms, events and proper control signals.
  • Visio-FACE: An automatic Face Recognition System which can be added to VisioGUARD Advanced and VisioGUARD Enterprise products. It can identify the people through video surveillance streaming camera and it allows to use face recognition as a biometric authentication model.
  • Visio-CONTROLLER: An Industrial Command & Control System allowing to remotely monitor and control devices (lock up the door, close the gate, etc) or trigger some automatic action like sending a command to a device or sending a mail, etc.
  • VisioMANAGER: A Central Management System (CMS) which allows to monitor, control, and manage all cameras and controlled devices.

Collaborative System: One of the most important and challenging aspect of proactive security system is collaborative capability. In order to have a better security system, all devices control and cameras must be able to talk to each other, share data and keep track of all events. Thanks to IVISIOTECH’s Intelligent Collaborative Technology (ICT) each device (sensor, camera, etc) can talk to each other’s and share data. This way, we can keep track of people from one room to another and also use several identification technologies in order to enhance security level. (Finger print, RFID, etc).


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