The key to your security

Facial Biometrics


Based on the best face recognition technology

  • Incorporates B3T7 algorithm

Easy enrollment procedure


Flexible hardware

  • Working with CCTV, IP or high resolution cameras.
  • Runnig under big variety of computers from Small embedded to big server (PC Based).

Flexible hardware architecture

  • Working with hardware trigger or software trigger (Advanced Video Motion Detection or Object Tracking)

Real-time detection & notification

  • Real time multiple video stream analysis.
  • Real time multiple face finding per video stream.
  • Real time face comparison against watch list.
    Real time alarm notification and recording
    Interactive and batch enrollment.

Scalable and robust

  • Scalable and robust client-server application.
  • Enrollment from still image, still image camera and live video stream
  • High scalability in terms of watch list size, number of video streams, and number of visible faces.
  • Run on Windows


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